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My life is an open book

and I wear my heart on my sleeve

Homicide Detective #2894
29 October
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I like solid people and drinking songs

activism, adbusters, amber, animals, ann rule, anne rice, archaeology, astrology, axl rose, bdsm, beaches, beer, biblical imagery, bikini kill, billy corgan, billy idol, biting, black sabboth, bonfires, castles, celtic, charles manson, christian slater, club kids, corsets, criminology, culture jamming, delirium, dire straights, dirt biking, dominant men, dreams, elvis, engrish, eyes, fairytales, fanstasy, fantasy clothing, fantasy photography, fantasy photos, ferrets, fire spinning, firebreathing, forests, girls, glam, goth, greasers, guns and roses, guys, hallowe'en, halloween, heavenly creatures, hippies, homicide, inxs, jack nicholson, james st.james, jaws, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john lydon, johnny rotten, kabuki, kissing, laughing, le tigre, left wing, lestat, lips, lou reed, love, lurking, margaritas, massages, michael alig, michelangelo, military gear, motorcycles, motorcycling, movies, multiculturalism, music, nature, nazis, neil gaiman, obscurities, oceans, pansexuality, party monster, photography, piercings, poison ivy, punk, punk rock, pyromania, quentin tarantino, rain, random obscurities, randomness, ray liotta, reading, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, salad fingers, scorpions, seashells, serial killers, sex, sex pistols, sharks, sid vicious, skinheads, skinny dipping, skrinkle, sleazy old men, slurpees, smashing pumpkins, snakes, social distortion, space ghost, spikes, steve jones, submission, tattoos, the clash, the counting crows, the cramps, the cranberries, the doors, the faint, the heathers, the police, the sandman, the yeah yeah yeah's, trees, true romance, uniforms, vines, wings, women,